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Trot to be trim.

Trot to be Trim, a new health and fitness campaign from the British Equestrian Federation, promotes the many health and well being benefits long associated with riding and being involved with horses.

Horse riding is an excellent way to exercise and get fit. It strengthens all your core body muscles, tones the all-important tum and bum areas and provides a relaxing cardiovascular workout.

A 2011 study carried out by The British Horse Society (BHS) revealed that riding can expend sufficient energy to be classed as moderate-intensity exercise. This is the level of activity that, when achieved for 150 minutes a week, is said to keep you fit and healthy.

Kick starting your day with a hack or a schooling session will increase oxygen to your brain, reduce the risk of disorders that lead to memory loss, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and release chemicals from the brain which help to boost positive reactions. For example, serotonin is a natural mood enhancer and endorphins diminish the pain associated with exercise, both of which lead to a feeling of well being during and after exercise.

Join us at Arniss Equestrian in our weekly classes to:

Burn up to 360 calories an hour

Improve your mental wellbeing

Tone core muscles

Boost your cardio-vascular health

Enjoy a low impact, moderate intensity exercise

Help you feel cheerful & relaxed

Meet others with similar interests & goals


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